Women designing fashion for women

One of the main characteristics and unique aspects of the Emanuela footwear factory and Emanuela Passeri shoes within the Italian and worldwide markets, is the significant experience of the founder within the footwear manufacturing industry which is indissolubly linked to the innovation and elevated stylistic research of the second generation footwear manufacturers within the Passeri family.

There are very few companies in Italy that have been manufacturing footwear for over 50 years, and above all, those that produce their footwear entirely in Italy, like Calzaturificio Emanuela, are few and far between. In actual fact, our shoes are made entirely in-house, at our facility in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, from the first sketches to drafts, from modelling to the sample collections, from definitive production to packaging.

Our company sees the birth of the shoe, from the first design sketches to the dispatch to the store: this is perhaps the reason for which we strive to manufacture our shoes with love, conscious as we are of the work that is required to make them and proud that our work can make the women who chose to wear our shoes feel happy and proud. Over the past decades, the entire production cycle has taken place within our company, giving life to true Made in Italy produce.

...One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.

We were among the first companies to create sandals with Swarovsky crystals and semiprecious stones and our boots have always been appreciated for their fit and most of all for the high quality and softness of the leathers. The Emanuela Passeri style looks to the present and above all, towards the future as regards fashion, while at the same time managing to remain indissolubly linked to craftsmanship in production, which is something that makes this company, which employs generations of craftsmen, truly proud.

The Emanuela Passeri brand is synonymous with the utmost in terms of taste and the latest style and it also features another rarity - the company’s geographical position, which manages to admirably combine the casual taste of the Marche region with the elegance of Veneto and Romagna, giving life to a unique specimen in this case also.

Extensive research in terms of modelling and careful sampling as regards accessories, enables Emanuela Passeri to create fashionable footwear for every season, that is suitable for different types of women with various styles. The Passeri family takes footwear to heart….because only those who truly love making footwear like us, can understand women and their love for shoes. It is the same love that we put into making them.